Bulletin Board Bombast

by Carol Hess on November 15, 2012

I’m a member of one of those online local community bulletin boards.  What a comment those bulletin boards are on our society – good and bad.

Consumerism is rampant in my little town.  Most of the bulletin board entries are about wanting to buy or sell something.  Who knew it took so much stuff just to live?  Actually it doesn’t, but apparently we haven’t figured that out here in southern Maine.  (I suspect we’re not the only ones.)  Oh well, at least we are recycling all this crap – I mean stuff.

Ah, the tyranny of possessions.

And then there are the entries asking for and volunteering help.  These make my heart go pitty pat for my adopted state.  Maine has always had a tradition of being neighborly.  One reason may be because our weather can be so harsh, and sometimes we need each other to just plain survive (or we used to).

However, I don’t think Mainers have cornered the helpfulness market.  I believe human beings really do stand ready to support each other.  Have you ever asked a little child to help you?  They love it!  And can’t wait to do it again.  How do you think I learned to speak Danish?  Look what happens during major disasters.  Not only do neighbors rush to help neighbors, but states rush to help states, and even countries rush to help countries.

So, the moral of my community bulletin board story is this.  We can live with a whole lot less than we think we can, but one thing we can’t live without is each other.

Tell me what you most appreciate about your local community.

by Carol Hess


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