My name is Carol Hess,

and I’m the Star Polisher.

My journey began 17 years ago when I realized I was addicted to alcohol. I sobered up and replaced my addiction with a never-ending thirst for personal healing and wisdom.

So the first star I had to polish was my own. I spent hundreds of hours in 12-step recovery rooms and therapists’ offices and shaman drumming circles. I read books, attended workshops, and went on retreats. I walked on hot coals, dug for crystals, and trained with a faith healer. I pursued anything and everything in my quest for a better me, a better life.

And it was working. My star was beginning to shine through the tarnish of a challenging childhood and a life-threatening addiction.

Nothing could stop me now!


And then, five years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. I was going to die, and it was going to happen quickly.

Facing death forces you to take a thorough inventory of your life, and I was not at all happy with mine. While I had spent years pursuing personal healing and spiritual growth, I had never really lived my life like I meant it. I hadn’t played big. I had kept myself small, dark, and hidden.

And now I was going to die.


I had wasted my precious opportunity to make a difference. I was going to die without ever becoming the woman I knew I could be, without living the life I knew I could create, and without doing the work I knew I was here to do. I would leave no legacy behind. I had been of little service. I had left no mark on this world.

I never gave my star a chance to shine.


Thankfully, the Universe wasn’t done with me just yet. After three grueling days and unending nights, I received a call from my oncologist. The cancer was in the earliest stage and treatable. I remain cancer-free to this day.

I had been given a second chance, a do-over,

and I wasn’t going to waste it.


I launched my business, Star Polisher, and focused on effective communication. I began writing, copywriting, and consulting for entrepreneurs.  I edited and did ghostwriting for authors creating their first books.

One way or another, Star Polisher was about helping people get their message out there.  It was great for a while. And then it wasn’t.

There was still something missing.


Have you ever noticed how, if you don’t listen to the Universe when it nudges you the first time, it just picks up a bigger stick the next time? Yeah. Well, that’s what happened to me. The Universe hit me over the head with a spiritual 2 x 4.

In June of 2014, I was involved in a serious car accident. The kind of accident where, for a split second when the awful crunching sound of metal on metal reaches your ears, you’re certain you’re going to die. I should’ve been killed. But I wasn’t. I was spared once again.

Another do-over.

Another chance to make things right.


While I have physically recovered from my injuries, the accident has left me forever changed. I experienced yet another awakening, as if the last layer of my onion had been stripped away to reveal my innermost heart.

And I allowed my heart to speak. I threw my stake in the ground. I would no longer play small. Not only that, I was going to stop letting you play small, too.

You shouldn’t take advice from someone you don’t really know who hasn’t dreamed big or suffered for a spell.” Danielle LaPorte

I’m taking playing big to the next level!

Are you with me?


I survived a difficult childhood. I survived an alcohol addiction. I survived breast cancer. And I survived a serious car accident. But these days I’m doing more than just surviving. I’m shining my light so brightly you can see it from the moon to Neptune.

I invite you to do the same.


No, wait…I challenge you to do the same. Your light is bright, and your energy is mighty. But it takes a strong foundation and firmly planted roots to truly stand in your power. And that’s what I’m here to do for you – hold you in your power and light until you can do it for yourself.

Maybe you’ve had a similar wake-up experience. Maybe you’ve begun to notice the ever-quickening pace of time. Maybe you’ve come face-to-face with the reality that we’re all on this planet for such a short while.

And maybe, just maybe you’re ready to finally take out your star, polish it off, and let it shine, shine, shine.

Are you?

Are you ready to let your star shine? So brightly it illuminates all the lies and stories you’re telling about yourself? So brightly it spotlights the magnificence of who you really are and what you came here to do?

“I tease Carol that she has become my therapist.  But the truth is, she has a way of listening and giving me feedback that is not only therapeutic, but downright inspiring.  She makes me want to really go for what I want and believe that I deserve it.  After I’ve spent time with Carol, I feel energized and empowered.”  Anne Olivo, Anne Olivo Health Coaching

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