Weighing In (Rants & Raves)

The Fat Lady Doesn’t Go on a Diet

by Carol Hess on January 25, 2012

Phew! I’m back. But I’m still shaking off the effects of that photo/video shoot. What can I say? Reality can be a bitch sometimes. Well, actually more like a bitch slap. Wake-up calls – at least the kind of wake-up call where you lose yourself – are very unpleasant, but they are necessary if you’re […]

by Carol Hess


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Manifesto for the Overweight Woman

by Carol Hess on January 4, 2012

I’m supposed to be working on my business plan right now, especially since I’ll be launching my business toward the end of this month.  But I can’t stand it one minute longer.  I am shelving the business plan for as long as it takes to write this rant, I mean post. I don’t have a choice […]

by Carol Hess


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The Annual American Worship at the High Altar of Food

by Carol Hess on November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving – the American holiday that glorifies food like no other day in the year.  Yesterday I found myself in the grocery store before 8 a.m. so I could beat the crowds and buy the ingredients for the dish I’m contributing to our yearly worship at the High Altar of Food. And then last night […]

by Carol Hess


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These Women

by Carol Hess on October 5, 2011

I still see them in my mind’s eye.  A parade of Barundi women walking along the side of the dirt road, dressed in colorful fabrics artfully wrapped around them in a way no white woman seemed able to master.  Their posture was remarkable – so erect from years of carrying wood, water, and food on […]

by Carol Hess


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