Keep Your Cool

by Carol Hess on July 21, 2011

This would be about the time when I should be publishing a new blog post.  But you know what?  It’s just too darned hot.  My brain is fried, and my creative juices have evaporated. 

So I am hereby giving myself permission to not do my blog perfectly.  I hereby give myself a pass on this week’s blog post.  

I’m beginning to realize that not expecting perfection from myself, that being gentle and loving with myself the way I would be with a cherished loved one might just be the most important aspect of self care I need to learn. 

When I nurture and care for myself the way I do those I care about, then I don’t feel the need to put food in my mouth when I’m not hungry.  Giving myself a hot summer afternoon off is a far better way to love myself than the ice cream cone I was thinking about an hour ago. 

I’m off to plunge my hands and feet in ice water – a trick my mother taught me to beat the heat.  She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland before air conditioning was invented.  The woman knew something about how to keep her cool, in more ways than one. 

Here’s to those lazy, hazy days of summer . . . . and air conditioning! 

Folks in the United States, take it easy.  This weather is literally killing people.  Don’t go outside unless you have to and stay hydrated.  Keep your cool.

by Carol Hess


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