Pure Potential

by Carol Hess on January 1, 2012

I love the first day of a new year, don’t you?  It’s so clean and clear and full of pure potential.  Like a snow-covered field before the first footprints or an empty canvas before the first brush stroke or a blank journal before the first written word.

You hesitate to take that first step, apply that first paint, write that first word because. . .  Because why?  Because it’s a declaration of intention, a commitment?  Because it’s a first step toward leaving tracks, being seen, being heard?  Because it’s a start of a journey whose destination isn’t clear?

But you know you have to take that first step.  To do nothing is to throw suffocating, smothering black all over your pure white potential.  To remain motionless, unseen, unexpressed is to die.

So you take that first, risky step that is the most difficult.  Do you do it cautiously, tentatively, hesitantly?  Or do you do it in a calm, controlled, measured way?  Or do you attack your pure potential with a giant, forceful, no-turning-back leap?

I don’t believe it matters how you take the first step as long as you are true to yourself and as long as the journey you are undertaking is yours and not someone else’s.  (I’ve fallen into that trap about a thousand times, haven’t you?)

I’m just a little bit superstitious.   I believe the energy with which you start a new year is the energy that tends to preside over the rest of the year.  Do you suppose that is even more so today, right now, as we stand at the beginning of what some think is a particularly pivotal year for this planet?

Well, I didn’t take any chances today.  I spent most of the day reading Seth Godin’s Linchpin and doing exercises in Danielle LaPorte’s The Spark Kit.  (Convenience, not affiliation links.)  Nothing like spending time with two lions of transformation to get my Year of Transformation off to a roaring start.  I think I just trampled the heck out of my nice clean snow-covered field, and it feels damned good.

What about you?

How is the pure potential of the new year calling to you?

What footprints will you leave,

what pictures will you paint,

what words will you write?



by Carol Hess


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