by Carol Hess on June 20, 2011

Everywhere I look, I see very busy women.  I see women running, running, running.

Women busy going to school, busy working, busy raising a family, busy volunteering, busy doing all of the above. 

Lots of activity.  Lots of busyness.  Lots of running.  Lots of days flying by in a blur of doing, doing, doing. 

You know what I’m talking about – it’s the Super Woman Sickness.  Perhaps you suffer from it yourself. 

And I say “suffer from it” because it is indeed a sickness, a disease.  Actually it’s more like an epidemic.  It’s so contagious I don’t know very many women who haven’t caught it. 

Most of the women I know are talking about how over-scheduled, stressed out, and overwhelmed they are.  They complain about how tired, frazzled, and tapped out they feel.  

But let’s get honest.  We wouldn’t allow ourselves to be so damned busy if it didn’t work for us on some level.  Maybe we need to stop playing the martyr and take a really good look at why we keep ourselves so busy. 

Here’s why I kept so busy all the time —

  • I got love and approval for being so productive.  The “Carol’s such a hard worker” syndrome. 
  • I got to think I’m more important and more indispensable than I really am.  The “What would I do without Carol” syndrome. 
  • I got to cop a resentment and be a victim.  The “Nobody appreciates everything I do” syndrome. 
  • I got to use my frenetic activity to run away from my feelings.  The “If I run fast enough, my unhappiness won’t catch up to me” syndrome. 

Then one day being so damned busy stopped working for me.  And here’s what I learned when I slowed down and got quiet. 

  • I’m a human being, not a human doing.  My worth does not reside in what I do.  It resides in who I am. 
  • All the love and approval in the world doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if I don’t love and approve of myself. 
  • I’m not as important or indispensable as I think.  And thank heavens for that. 
  • The jollies I get from playing victim are far less satisfying than the jollies I get from taking responsibility for my life. 
  • The happiness I seek comes from embracing my feelings – not from running away from them. 

Do you have the courage to slow down and get quiet? 

by Carol Hess


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