A Giant Dose of Inspiration

by Carol Hess on January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!  We made it!  You know me.  I’m a pretty big believer in the woo-woo (and proud of it!).  I didn’t come to this belief easily.  In fact, I fought it tooth and nail and still do sometimes. One of these days, I will tell you how the story of how and why I transformed […]

by Carol Hess


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An Early Christmas Wish List

by Carol Hess on November 28, 2012

Dear Santa,  I know it’s a bit early to be sending you my Christmas wish list, but I wanted to get in ahead of the rush.  Here’s what I would like to find under my tree this year.    An acknowledgment and celebration of my accomplishments and what worked well for me in 2012 An acceptance […]

by Carol Hess


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Pebbles in the Pond

by Carol Hess on May 17, 2012

We hear a lot of talk these days about transformation.  But what is it?  How does it happen?  What comes after transformation? Everyone loves a good transformation, especially the outer kind – the kind you can touch and feel.  The big reveal of a transformed living room, a transformed look, a transformed body. And then […]

by Carol Hess


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Is Your Star in Need of a Little Polishing?

by Carol Hess on October 13, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a less than inspired, empowered, enthusiastic week.  My star is most definitely in need of a little polishing. So imagine my delight when I discovered, thanks to Sandi Amorim at Deva Coaching, the following blog post by Tia Sparkles.  Tia has gathered some terrific quotations from some […]

by Carol Hess


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