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How to Bust Out of Your Everyday Prison

by Carol Hess on February 9, 2012

Sometimes ignoring a minor irritation doesn’t make it go away. In fact, it gets even more irritating. And then downright annoying. And then a pain in the butt. And then worse. Well, I just took care of one of those irritations, and I feel like I busted out of prison. Like I removed shackles that […]

by Carol Hess


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My Gotta Go or I’ll Go Crazy List

by Carol Hess on November 10, 2011

The Roman shades that don’t work right. The car keys that are always missing. The friend who keeps interrupting me when I speak. The job I dread going to. These are just some of the things I used to put up with in my life that were sources of stress (large and small) and negatively […]

by Carol Hess


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