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Summertime & the Livin’ Is Easy

by Carol Hess on June 24, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to complicate things. It’s my father’s fault.  He was an engineer, and he over-engineered everything.  It drove my mother crazy because she was an impatient, slap dash kind of person. So, yes, I am Daddy’s Little Girl when it comes to complicating things.  There’s something […]

by Carol Hess


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6 Little Words

by Carol Hess on December 6, 2011

There’s one accusation that friends, acquaintances, coaches, mentors, and therapists level at me on a regular basis that shocks me speechless, which – as you know by now – is not a common condition for me. Six little words that surprise me, baffle me, and – above all else – irritate the hell out of […]

by Carol Hess


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Mr. Finger vs. the Self Care Genie

by Carol Hess on September 27, 2011

Yesterday I was stopped behind a car at a traffic light.  The light turned green, but the driver in the car ahead of me was looking down, reading something on the seat next to him.  I waited politely for a few seconds, and when he continued to look down, I gave a very gentle toot […]

by Carol Hess


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