An Ordinary Turned Extraordinary Moment

by Carol Hess on November 26, 2011

I just growled at the computer.  Why? Because it didn’t let me win at Hearts, and I like to win. I get a kick out of myself sometimes.  Like when I growl at computers.  Like when I talk out loud to myself and don’t care.  Like when I let myself  be a silly kid again. I don’t think […]

by Carol Hess


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You Are a Star

by Carol Hess on June 23, 2011

Here is my gift to you.  A message of hope.  Please look at, listen, and enjoy.  2012 – A Message of Hope  Pay special attention to the end of the video.  And remember that is how I see you.  That is who you are – a brightly shining star illuminating the universe. (A special thanks […]

by Carol Hess


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