Urgent! Children Are Dying

by Carol Hess on August 9, 2011

Children are dying in East Africa.  Every single second, innocent babies and children who did nothing wrong except get born in the wrong part of the world at the wrong time are dying because they didn’t get enough food to eat. 

Will you please do me a personal favor?  And I say personal because it is personal to me.  Thirty-five years ago, I lived in East Africa for five years, and I fell in love with the place and the people. 

Please help the East Africans.  They need your help.  Today.  Now.  This very moment.

Please donate money by clicking on the link below.

I want to help.

This link will take you directly to the secure donation page for Save the Children. 

I personally know this aid organization and its work in East Africa.  My ex-husband did a lot of work with them, and I met many of the people who worked for them.  I have given money to them for twenty-five years.

They are the good guys.  They will get your money where it needs to go to save lives.  Here’s that link one more time.

I want to help.

Thank you.

Will you please do me one more favor?  Will you please share this blog post on Twitter and Facebook?

Thank you.

by Carol Hess


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