Yes You Can

by Carol Hess on July 26, 2011

(Today I was looking for something on my computer I never found, but I found this instead.  The inspiration for this piece of writing was the inauguration of President Obama on January 20, 2009.  That seems like a lifetime ago, and it was.  In the time that’s gone by, I’ve opened and closed the doors of a business, survived breast cancer, started this blog, lost several loved ones, begun to write a book, and am about to move and give birth to a new business.  But your core beliefs just don’t change, no matter how much you or your life do.  Here’s one of my core beliefs that I believe even more strongly than I did 30 months ago.)  

As I sat watching the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as our 44th President of the United States, I was struck by how unlikely a moment it was.  Who could ever believe in a million years that the son of a Kenyan and a Kansan, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii by his grandparents, and baptized with a Muslim middle name would become the leader of a country attacked by Muslim terrorists seven years earlier? 

No one.  And yet it happened.  It happened because of the power of purpose.


Your Part In the Play

I think each of us is born with a specific purpose for being here.  We are each meant to play a part in the grand play God is putting together on the stage called Planet Earth. 

To help us carry out that part, we are given inclinations, talents, experiences, dreams, challenges, and passions that are specifically designed for the role we’ve been given.  Our yearnings and abilities, the people we meet, the events that happen to us all help mold us into who we are and what we need to be to carry out our mission and achieve our purpose.

Some very lucky people know from an early age exactly who and what they are.  We’ve all met them and envied them.  We call them old souls because they seem to have been born with a knowledge the rest of us have had to learn the hard way. 

No Missteps, No Regrets

They know exactly what they want out of life and seem to make very few missteps as they go after it.  They reach the end of their life and look back with few regrets, satisfied that they have lived a meaningful life.

But that’s not what it’s like for most of us.  Most of us need to do some pretty heavy lifting before we discover why we’re here, if we ever do.  And heaven knows we have made more than our fair share of missteps.  Heck, some of us think our entire life has been one giant detour, and we doubt we will ever find our way back in the time left to us. 

Shake it off, Folks!  There’s a plan out there for you.  There’s a role for you to play on Planet Earth’s stage.  You might have to do some detective work to discover your mission, but it’s there.  You are not meaningless.  Your life is not meaningless. 

Live Life Out Loud

Once you discover your mission and begin to design your life and your priorities around it, you will know what it means to live life out loud.  Your life (and you) will develop an authenticity that will cause the most significant challenges and obstacles to fall away.  You will develop a sense of purpose that will propel you toward your dreams at a rate that will astound you.

 Just look at President Obama.  He discovered his mission in the slums of the south side of Chicago when he discovered the power of community and inclusion.  He began to carry that message of power and hope to any who would listen.  He stayed on message no matter where he was, what people were saying, or what he was doing. 

A Sense of Purpose

That’s authenticity.  That’s a sense of purpose.   When it came time to take his message to a larger audience, he was told he was too young, too inexperienced to seek the presidency of the United States of America.  But seek it he did. 

And the more he repeated his message, the simpler it became.  Yes we can.  Yes we can.  Yes we can.  The anthem of a candidacy that thrust into his outstretched hand the largest megaphone in the world. 

And he’s using that megaphone.  People all over the world are listening.  They are listening to the skinny kid with the big ears and the funny name – the most unlikely candidate for the job of President of the United States.

That’s the power of purpose.  Put that power into your own life.  Discover who you are.  Discover what you are here to do.  Then do it.  Yes you can.  Yes you can.  Yes you can.

by Carol Hess


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avatar Christoph Spiessens July 26, 2011 at 3:48 pm

Aaah… The message! :) Great post, Carol.


avatar Carol Hess July 26, 2011 at 4:44 pm

Yes, the message. :-) Thank you, Christoph.


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