Your Heart Dream

by Carol Hess on December 12, 2011

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I believe you have two kinds of dreams – the ones that are overt and easily accessible and the ones that are buried deep and sometimes quite difficult to discover.  I think it’s the deeply held dream – what I call the heart dream – that is divinely inspired.  It is the dream the Universe has been weaving for you your whole life.

Your heart dream is uniquely designed for you, your life experience, your passions, your gifts, and your strengths.  It belongs to no one but you.  It contains within it your purpose for being here and your mission that will accomplish that purpose.  When you pursue (not necessarily achieve) your heart dream, you create and lead a meaningful life.  During the journey to your heart dream, you discover what we all need to know – that you and your life matter.

Your heart dream carries so much promise for you and others, but like all things worth having, it isn’t easily discovered or achieved.  It lives in a parallel universe you rarely experience.  You may catch a glimpse of that universe, as if a veil has been temporarily lifted.  Or you may catch a trace of your heart dream that lingers in your mind the way a trace of perfume lingers in the air.

Discovering, acknowledging, and pursuing your heart dream is a lifetime journey.  It is a fundamental part of the personal, spiritual, and evolutionary journey you signed up for when you came to this planet.  And when you step completely into that parallel universe and become the you who lives her heart dream, you will discover something quite profound.  Your heart dream is a flower that keeps opening deeper and wider as you open deeper and wider.  It sweetens your life with its beauty and fragrance as you do the same in service to others.

The Universe is weaving dreams for you that far exceed those you can weave for yourself.  Are you ready to discover, acknowledge, and pursue your heart’s dream?  If not now, when?  The Universe is waiting.

by Carol Hess


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avatar Nikki Groom December 12, 2011 at 3:27 pm

You’re right, Carol. Those more superficial dreams are easier to acknowledge, to voice out loud. They’re common to us all – a bigger house, a bigger paycheck, a smaller behind. These ‘surface’ dreams don’t push us out of our comfort zones. In contrast, heart dreams evoke fear. Their fruition may usher us into the unknown. One thing we know without a doubt, however, is that the unknown offers deeper contentment and the fulfillment of our heart’s passions. Follow them we must.


avatar Carol Hess December 13, 2011 at 3:09 am

That’s for sure, Nikki. Heart dreams aren’t comfortable, although I do think there is a sense of coming home. Maybe coming home to ourselves? And they do indeed evoke fear. I think the biggest fear they evoke is fear of how we’ll feel if we DON’T pursue them. Once they reveal themselves to us, you’re right. We have no choice but to follow them.


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